TrueStrike Monetize your investment, a distinctive Branding Opportunity

Monetize Your Investment

A Distinctive Branding Opportunity

TrueStrike is the perfect marketing tool for your business promotion. Offering a unique media service that is as flexible and hard hitting as any media space available on the market.

A Unique Advertising Space

The TrueStrike top surface can be fully customized with any message of your choice or simply opt to have your brand message on just the decal panels and ball tray.

The brand message could be your facility logo or offer the space as a unique advertising space for your equipment suppliers or even companies in your local area. The possibilities are endless!


Brand Advertising Benefits

Brand Placement:

Directly in the line of sight of the golfer

Unequaled Dwell Time:

The target audience will dwell over your brand for a minimum of 20 mins

Very “Sticky”:

Placing your brand in front of the golfer when they are at their most relaxed and receptive

Sales Potential:

20 TrueStrike Units have the potential to generate between 72,000 to 84,000 readers per annum.

Long-term relationship:

Enables you to build a long-term relationship with the golfer and course.


TrueStrike Golf Mats are a cost effective solution delivering a distinctive advertising opportunity, which allows you to maximise your brand exposure. With the possible revenue earned from selling the advertising space you could easily cover the cost of TrueStrike Strike surfaces. Why not contact us for more information. Minimum order quantities apply.