Benefits To Golfers – Get More From Your Golf Mat

When purchasing a golf practice mat either for yourself or your golf facility, taking into account the benefits to golfers along with the quality, construction and performance of the mat, will make a huge difference in the quality of the practice, along with the results you get.

Read our six ways TrueStrike can benefit golfers…

No 1 Benefits To Golfers - Hit Down & Through

Hit Down & Through

Great benefits to golfers can be found in TrueStrike as it allows you to hit down on the ball properly so the club passes freely “down and through” the ball. The TrueStrike gel section has a “ruckable” top surface and a gel-filled divot simulating subsurface. This accurately recreates the effects of playing off a natural fairway by allowing the club head to play through the playing surface as it would on turf.

No 2 Benefits To Golfers - No Shock, No Strain, No Pain

No Shock, No Strain, No Pain

TrueStrike’s forgiving strike surface and divot simulating subsurface mean that the shock and vibration associated with hitting from traditional mats is substantially reduced. Rather than the vibration caused at impact traveling up the club shaft and into the arm of the user, as on a traditional golf mat, it is absorbed into the gel pad below the strike surface.

No 3 Benefits To Golfers - Adjustable Tee

Adjustable Tees

All TrueStrike golf mats have a tee holder that is positioned underneath the range mat section, which means real tees can be used and adjusted to the desired height for use with various clubs.

No 4 Benefits To Golfers - No Bounce

No Bounce

With a typical golf mat the club would “bounce” on the mat and does not offer real benefits to golfers as it produces an unnatural feel and false results. TrueStrike playing surface dissipates the blow for immediate and realistic feedback at the point of impact and eliminates the problematic “Bounce” experienced on by golfers on hard synthetic mats.

No 5 Benefits To Golfers - Durable & Cost Effective

Durable and Cost Effective

TrueStrike is built to withstand the repeated use at even the most busiest of ranges, with the strike surface having an approximate life expectancy of roughly 55,000 iron shots before it will need replacing. Don’t forget TrueStrike is modular by design and is a much more affordable solution than replacing the whole mat as you would need to do with traditional mats. One further point is that TrueStrike™ always performs at 100% throughout its life.

No 6 Benefits To Golfers - Enhance Your Game

Enhance Your Game

Reduce your handicap and bring consistency to your swing and game by regular practice with a TrueStrike golf mat in your own backyard, garage, shed or even the basement, allowing you to lower your score and become a more consistent golfer. A great addition to any golfers tool kit and for about the same cost of a brand new club, you could have a commercial grade revolutionary realistic performing golf mat that will provide you a tool to improve your swing.