Club Fitting & Testing

Test Out, Tune Up & Tee Off With TrueStrike

Looking for the perfect club fitting and testing mat, then TrueStrike is the perfect tool. As it provides a more accurate fitting with its optional integrated strike board and fairway forgiveness effect strike area, makes it ideal for pro shops, golf instructing or just personal use.

Club Fitting and Testing

How TrueStrike Makes A Difference

Every good club fitter understands that every golfer has their own unique set of swing variables, like a ‘fingerprint’ of sorts for their own golf swing. Regardless of ability, properly fitted clubs can help golfers hit straighter, more consistent shots. By matching the proper club specifications to the golfers swing, you the fitter can help reduce or eliminate undesirable shot patterns, like hooks and slices, allowing for the golfer to play closer to their full potential.

TrueStrike strike Board Explained

The Ideal Solution

Existing strike boards on a club fitting and testing mat tend to sit on top of the surface and can give an inaccurate result by 10ยบ plus. This in comparison to TrueStrike and its integrated strike board, allows the sole of the club to be inline with the sole of the players feet, thus improving the accuracy of the result and building a better club for the customer.

Benefits Of TrueStrike

  • Accurate Fitting
  • Repeat Business
  • Higher Club Sales
  • Satisfied Customers
If you are using a launch monitor please contact our sales staff telling them which one you are using so the TrueStrike unit can be configured to suit.

Suggested TrueStrike Golf Mat Options

Double With Strike Board - Club Fitting and Testing Mat

Double with Range Section and Strike Board

This TrueStrike is ideal for club fitting applications, perfect for golf professionals, coaches and driving ranges. It is especially designed to give all level of golfers a choice.

Academy With Stirke Board - Club Fitting and Testing Mat

Academy with Range Section and Strike Board

This TrueStrike is also aimed at the golf professionals and driving ranges, making this yet another perfect solution for your club fitting needs.

Natural Fairway

Ordinary Mat

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