TrueStrike For Business

The Single, Academy and Double solutions of the TrueStrike MK7 range, have been designed with commercial application in mind.


What Our Customers Have To Say!

“Installing TrueStrike was the best decision I have made in the past 5 years”
Warren Allcroft. Concord Park driving range.

Commercial Application of TrueStrike for  Driving Range

Driving Ranges

Drive ball sales, increase your revenue and attract the better, more competent and committed golfer to your facility with TrueStrike and TrueTee. Our all-weather golf practice mats provide an exceptional quality, attractive and low maintenance alternative to hard standard range mats for practice areas. Learn More >>

Club Fitting & Testing Facilities

TrueStrike’s versatile and modular design and optional integrated strike board, make it the perfect tool for club fitting/testing. Ideal for pro shops, golf instructing and launch monitors. Existing strike boards tend to sit on top of the surface, giving a less accurate result in comparison to TrueStrike and its integrated strike board. Learn More >>

Commercial Application of TrueStrike for Club Fitting & Testing Facility

Commercial Application of TrueStrike for Tee Lines

Golf Tee Lines

Maintaining the perfect grass tee line can prove to be a costly and time consuming experience for many golf facilities. This coupled with dealing with the demands of golf members that prefer not to hit off hard synthetic mats, even on a rare occasion..
Learn More >>

Golf Academies

The “fairway forgiveness” effect of TrueStrike also means you can use it to teach on. This means that your customers will be using a golf mat that accurately recreates the effects of play on a natural fairway. Gone are the days when your customers find they swing and hit perfectly from traditional golf mats only to find it all goes to pieces out on the golf course.


PGA Pro/Golf Coach

Whether your self employed or work for a golf facility, TrueStrike can enhance the service you provide to your golfers. By offering them a realistic practice surface, that lets them hit down and through the shot. A crucial element to coaching that has been previously unobtainable from traditional golfs mats. Learn More >>

Commercial Application of TrueStrike for Golf Academies & PGA Pro's