Sandown Park Golf Centre

The recently transformed outfield at Sandown Park Golf Centre saw the installation of 5 new raised greens and 4 new chipping greens as part of their 6060 targets range.

Breathing new life into facility giving it a fresh clean look feel as well improving the visibility to its golfers so they can see a where there shots land.

Along with the introduction of the targets, TrueBot outfield robots have also been introduced. The robot Ball Picker as effortlessly moves around the outfield picking up the golf range balls. When full the robot returns to its charge station to empty the balls and start all over again. Its robot partner Big Mow cuts the grass, ensuring the grass is always maintained at the perfect height to see you balls land.

Sandown Park Golf Centre Outfield Targets


Sandown Park Golf Centre
More Lane,
KT10 8AN
Tel: 01372 469260