Facility and PGA Testimonials on TrueStrike

Facility and PGA Testimonials

Facility and PGA testimonials on how TrueStrike has transformed their golf practice.

China Fleet InstaLl TrueStrike Golf Mats and TrueBot outfield robots

“The install went really well, outfield is looking better than it ever did with the introduction of the robots and new targets. BigMow and BallPicker are very efficient; there were some initial teething problems due to wet conditions. However AMS’s technical support has been extremely good in resolving them. Overall we are very pleased with the TrueBots and the efficiency it has brought to our outfield maintenance management”

Nathan O’Sullivan, Head Green Keeper at China Fleet


Sherdons Golf Centre install TrueStrike

“Having known Philip for a number of years, I was well aware of TrueStrike and the benefits it could offer our golfers. Therefore when it came to looking at how we could improve our driving range, TrueStrike was definitely at the top of the list. Philip and his team were very professional from start to finish; it was a clean and easy installation process that caused no disturbance to general range operation. I am delighted at the transformation we have achieved here, our customers have commented positively on introduction of TrueStrike. I would definitely recommend Phil and his team at B.O.P Europe and the products they offer.”

Richard Ballard PGA at Sherdons Golf Centre


Cottingham Park Golf & Leisure Club install TrueStrike

“I can say that the initial consultation and sales process, along with the installation of the equipment by Phil, Sam and their team was excellent and the on going project to refurbish the golf driving range and practice facilities has already generated a lot of new interest at the club and we have had a lot of positive feed back from our existing customers and members which will hopefully translate into higher ball sales on the range in the near future.”

Robert Wiles, co-owner and Director of Cottingham Parks


Aston Wood Golf Centre TrueStrike Install

“I bought Aston Wood Golf Club, because of the great potential I saw in the course and the club. Since the purchase in October 2012, we have added a full fitness suite, extended and refurbished our full catering conferencing and function suites and added a state of the art driving range and the Aston Wood Teaching Academy. Along with everything we are doing at Aston Wood the range had to have the best facilities and products available to cater from the scratch golfers to the total beginner of all ages. To that end having looked at all options we decided on the BOP Europe / TrueStrike to fit out the range completely.
…We chose the TrueStrike mats, due to their unique performance and offer of choice of surface were the perfect fit for our clients. We looked at all options on ball collection and outfield grass management and we decided on the unique solution that Automated Managed Services Ltd offered by way of their state of the art, unique robotic automated technology which not only operates 24 hours a day keeping our overheads down but also looking after the range surface eliminating the need for us to drive heavy equipment across the outfield on a daily basis which is the primary caused of deteriorating and muddy outfields thus keeping the range looking first class all year round.
…Philip Sear the MD of both BOP Europe Ltd and AMS Ltd has been alongside us from the very early planning stages right the way through to opening, his experience with ranges and his advice has been invaluable to us. I would highly recommend their products, service and exemplary installation team.”

Colin Crawshaw Owner Of Aston Wood Driving Range


Ghyll Beck Driving Range TrueStrike Install

“TrueStrike is the most realistic surface of any range mat I’ve used and I’ve received nothing but excellent customer feedback from pupils. The TrueTee Auto Tee up is a simple to use automated system.”

Mark Tyler PGA Coach & Custom Fit Specialist at Ghyll Beck Driving Range


Tonbridge Golf Centre TrueStrike Installtion

“Truestrike mats are the best surfaces to hit from that I have come across. The sensation is so realistic as if you were hitting from grass. The superior quality has attracted many more golfer’s to our facility. We have the mats fitted in our teaching bays which enhances the quality of the lessons we provide. The combination of the True-Tee and the Truestrike mats is perfect for golfer’s of all abilities. Since installing Truestrike our range figures and golf lessons have increased dramatically. I would recommend Truestrike to any driving range operators that wish to give their customers the best quality playing surfaces.”

Rupert Hunter, owner of Hunter Knight Golf Coaching / PGA Golf Professional At Tonbridge Golf Centre


Concord Park TrueStrike Installation

“Installing TrueStrike was the best decision I have made in the past 5 years. We increased our ball prices by 20% and have seen at least a 30% increase in ball sales since the installation. Ping have even sponsored our TrueStrike units. I highly recommend any facility installing TrueStrike in their range, as long as they are not to close to us!”

Warren Allcroft. Concord Park driving range.


Stone Driving Range With TrueStrike

“When opening our brand new state of the art facility, Stone Driving Range (UK), we looked at all available mats on the market and the only one that came back consistently voted for by our target audience was TrueStrike and it has proved to be a real winner for us. I would definitely recommend that any quality driving range looking to attract the committed golfers should install TrueStrike.”

James Ball. Stone Driving Range.


Worcester Driving Range With TrueStrike & TrueTee

“Since installing TrueStrike we have seen a marked increase in ball sales and new faces visiting our range month on month. We and our customers are very happy with our decision to install TrueStrike”

Gary Kibblewhite Worcester Driving Range


“As a player and coach tees are very important to me, the TrueStrike golf mats are very good as they give a true idea of how well you are striking the ball. They have also eased the strain on my wrists as I use the mats frequently. Hitting balls from normal mats has caused strain on my right wrist, but now with TrueStrike I can practice for longer benefiting my golf game. My clients have also loved TrueStrike, the instant feedback from striking down and through the mat simulates hitting off grass effectively, allowing my clients to learn quickly how grass reacts. A bad strike on a TrueStrike is easily recognizable, which in turn allows golfers to have more determination for wanting to strike the golf ball properly”

Scott Brannan PGA Professional


James Brown

“I have had nothing but positive feedback. All of our very discerning members really appreciate the realistic performance and getting away form the traditional old hard range mats.”

James Brown, Director of Golf – Asia

Mc Dougall

“The TrueStrike Mat is simply the best performing mat that I ever seen and used!”

Bill McDougall, Master Teaching Professional & Former CPGA Teacher Of The Year Award Winner


“The TrueStrike mats are a great addition to our club fitting practices. The ability of a customer to set a tee height they are comfortable with makes the fitting process more accurate. Tee height has a drastic impact on launch and spin, which are critical to fitting. Additionally, it is more realistic, and much easier on the customer to hit irons from the gel based strike surface than from a traditional rubber mat or tee.”

Mark Timms, President, Hot Stix Technologies

TrueStrike mats are important to Mizuno for the following reasons:

When we are fitting it is really important to us to give our customers the most realistic fitting experience possible. When using a normal range mat the club will tend to bounce and skid, making it nearly impossible to get a true reflection of the clubs performance once on the golf course.

The TrueStrike mat really enhances our customers experience by giving them the opportunity to test our extensive range of equipment on a surface that really gives some resistance and is much, much more comparable to grass. When you couple this sort of enhanced feel with the durability TrueStrike mats provide, you really do have a winning product.

Mark Duncombe, Mizuno Custom Fitting Specialist and PGA Professional, Mizuno English National Club Fitting Centre, Pachesham Park Golf Centre, Surrey, UK

“When you use TrueStrike you get a real indication of the quality of the swing and ball striking. Add to this the fact that there’s limited impact on the joints and there’s no better way to replicate turf and benefit your game.”

Tony Clark, Managing Director, Explanar Golf Ltd, UK

“TrueStrike is the first technically innovative artificial hitting surface I have used in my 30 year golf career; the TrueStrike’s feedback is simply amazing.”

Ron Stelten, PGA Palm Desert, California – PGA European Tour Member 1984-1992 – Nike Nationwide Tour Member 1993, 1998-2000, 2003

“TrueStrike plays like the fairway and produces realistic launch angles and spin rates”

Mark Maness, Director of Instruction, Golden Bear Golf Center, Carrollton, Texas

“I am very satisfied with the units I purchased and look forward to doing business in the future.”

Todd Loechler, Director of Golf, Blue Hills CC, Kansas City, MO.

Mizuno chose the TrueStrike golf mat as it recreates playing from a fairway more realistically than any other golf mat.

Mizuno chose the TrueStrike mats as our consumers hit better, straighter shots hence enjoying our fitting sessions more than with previous synthetic mats.

Beforehand, our consumers would avoid commitment to the strike due to fear of the consequences of hitting hard into a traditional golf mat.

With the new TrueStrike mat they receive far more accurate shot representation. This means that our customers will be using a golf mat that accurately recreates the effects of play on a natural fairway.

Furthermore, the adjustable tee function has made driver fitting much more effective as consumers can tee the ball to their preferred height.

To put it simply the TrueStrike golf mat makes driving range golf more realistic than any other golf mat.

Graeme Gorrie, Mizuno Custom Fitting Manager, Mizuno Scottish National Fitting Centre, Cumbernauld, UK

The mat seems to completely eliminate the shock of a normal iron shot that you get from an ordinary mat. It also simulates a heavy strike, which is again not the case on an ordinary mat, which disguises many heavy strikes. Once the player is used to it they can hit down on the ball without fear of injury, which I think, is the biggest plus. The feeling from the strike is also far superior.

Gordon Morrison, PGA Advanced Professional, PGA Swing Tutor and Bedfordshire County Golf Union Coach

The performance and feel of playing from a TrueStrike mat is significantly superior to many other mats that I have ever used, but the overriding benefits as far as YMG are concerned are the ones that affect the young golfer’s health.

The impact absorption offered by the special striking surface undoubtedly means that there is far less vibration and jarring than from conventional mats. This means the risk of injury from the cumulative affect of many hours of practice on the golf range is greatly reduced.

David Gosling, PGA Professional, Managing Director, YMG Golf Ltd.

The TrueStrike mat we received from you has really improved our club testing and custom fitting facility. The mat is great for two important reasons, firstly the mat really plays like the fairway and produces realistic launch angles and spin rates compared to other mats. This means our customers can get a real feel for how the club will perform out on the course and also means we can fit the ideal club for their individual playing style. Secondly, we have noticed a significant increase in both the testing levels and sales for the brand displayed on the TrueStrike top surface.

James Davey, PCS Certified

“Although these days I am recognised more as a coach rather than a European Tour player, I still derive great enjoyment from practising and demonstrating shots. Unfortunately a wrist injury, due to hitting off mats completely stopped me playing. However since using a TrueStrike mat I am now back to 100% fitness, due to the limited impact on my joints. It has been a revelation not only to me but also to pupils who suffered from similar injuries.”

Jeremy Bennett, PGA Professional, Windlesham Golf Club, Surrey

“You have to try it to believe it. The TrueStrike mat is the closest simulation to hitting off natural turf. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.”

Stewart Marshall, Head PGA Professional, Williamwood Golf Course, Glasgow

“In my opinion the realistic way the TrueStrike golf mat simulates playing from a fairway makes it the perfect practice, training and teaching aid.”

Daniel Fitzsimmons, Head PGA Professional, Harpenden Common Golf Club, Harpenden

“I can hit lob and sand wedges better than on traditional mats and I like the adjustable tee options better than traditional mats. Short Irons feel great at impact. No pain in the elbows. It feels more like the fairway than any other mat I have hit off.”

Joe Clark Sr., PGA Master Professional, Owl’s Nest Golf Club, New Hampshire

“Most mats are rather hard the TrueStrike mat offers a real alternative. I love hitting balls off that mat and getting a true fairway feel. A huge step forward for driving ranges and indoor teaching facilities! I recommend it very highly.”

Dr. Christian Reichardt Author of Pain Free Golf

“I’ve had 3 PGA pros and a number of sub 5 handicap golfers who have tried the TrueStrike mat and all I’ve had is comments such as “honestly the best synthetic surface I’ve hit off” “and “my wrists feel better after 100 balls off that mat than after any round I’ve played this summer”.

Personally I hate the things, I always knew I cheated a bit on the old mats as I skipped into the ball, but, as I hit another duck hooked 5 iron about 110 yards, ‘fat’ isn’t strong enough…. obese would be closer to the mark. I’d be able to practice more if it wasn’t for the punters wanting to use them.”

Richard Shropshire, Manager, Ledene Golf Centre, Wolverhampton

TrueStrike feels and reacts more like turf grass than any other mat I have hit off.

Patrick J. Rielly, Past President PGA of America, Palms Golf Club, La Quinta, California

“Since using the TrueStrike mat my students have enjoyed a lot more freedom in striking their iron shots. It’s such a better surface to hit from than any other standard range mat; no shudders up the shaft when you’ve miss hit a shot. For the more experienced player you can get more feel from hitting wedge shots. Altogether the look, feel and feedback you get from a TrueStrike mat is second to none.”

Jason Ripley, PGA Teaching Professional, Rother Valley Golf Club, Sheffield

“The TrueStrike mat is the finest mat I have ever hit golf balls from!!! The use of a real golf tee thats adjustable works great, unlike the rubber non-adjustable “this is the height you get just hit the ball” tees. The mat also works great its feel is unlike other artificial grass or rubber mat. The platform is very stable and secure.

Our customers are very Impressed with our TrueStrike mat!!! They never were able to hit balls from a mat that they didn’t have a fear damaging their golf clubs.

We at Your Golf Connection in Palmyra, Pa. are very proud to use the TrueStrike Mat in Our Shop!!

Thanks Again For Your GREAT PRODUCT!!”

Tom Medford, PGA Professional and Owner, Your Golf Connection, Palmyra, PA