Q: What is TrueStrike?

TrueStrike™ is an British company that has invented, designed and built a revolutionary new golf mat, called TrueStrike, which more accurately represents the feel of playing on a natural fairway.
To achieve this realistic representation of the fairway the TrueStrike™ golf mat makes use of a unique patent pending “ruckable” top surface that works in conjunction with a gel-filled divot simulating subsurface.

Q: How does TrueStrike™ differ from traditional golf mats?

We at TrueStrike™ are confident that our innovative new golf mat truly simulates the feel of playing off a natural fairway better than traditional golf mats. This is achieved as our patented “ruckable” playing surface and gel-filled divot simulating subsurface work together to closely emulate the effects of playing a shot from a natural fairway.

A direct result of TrueStrike’s more realistic representation of a natural fairway is a phenomenon TrueStrike™ call “fairway forgiveness”.

Q: What’s fairway forgiveness?

Our surface plays and feels like a natural fairway. A fat shot will respond by losing distance, height and accuracy, a topped shot will bury into the surface and kill the shot and a well-struck ball will fly as expected.

That’s “fairway forgiveness”. It will improve your customer’s game and make them practice for longer and come back more often.

Q: What does “ruckable” mean?

TrueStrike™ has used the word “ruckable” to describe the unique way that the TrueStrike™ top surface reacts, in conjunction with the gel-filled divot simulating subsurface, when hit with a club head.

The word ruck is usually used to describe the bulge that forms when a piece of material moves. In this case TrueStrike™ golf mats are “ruckable” as they are able to stretch, react and ripple when struck with a club head. This allows the club head to impact into the gel-filled divot simulating subsurface creating the revolutionary “fairway forgiveness” effect.

Q: Can I demo a TrueStrike™ golf mat?

Yes you can. If you are in the UK please ring us on 01462 676 222, to find your closest TrueStrike facility. If your a Range, Club or Pro Shop we can arrange a free no obligation demonstration at your facility.

Q: Can TrueStrike™ be used outdoors?

Yes absolutely it can be used in all weather and all climates. However intense direct sunlight can cause minor cosmetic curling of the range mat panels, which is temporary. Therefore we would recommend the mat is stored away from direct sunlight when not in use.

Q: Can TrueStrike™ be used by left and right-handers alike?

Absolutely whatever your preference. The single unit can simply be played by physically rotating the gel section, or by configuring the unit as a double-ender or set up as a centre hitting position.

Q: How durable is TrueStrike™?

TrueStrike™ will provide many years of service to the user in either the domestic/home environment or the commercial driving range or golf club, as long as it is properly maintained. Because all parts that wear such as the strike surface can be changed as and when required.

The strike surface has an approximate life expectancy of roughly 55,000 iron shots before it will need replacing and is much more affordable than replacing the whole mat as you would need to do with traditional mats. One further point TrueStrike™ always performs at 100% throughout its life.

Q: Are there discounts for ranges, PGA Pros etc?

There are always deals to be done for multiple purchases please contact us for the most recent deals.

Q: Want to know more?

If you have any further questions or comments then contact us and we will be pleased to help.