Golf Tee Lines

Save on labour and seed costs

Dealing with the demands of golf members that view standard hard synthetic mats as an unacceptable alternative to grass, along with the maintenance of the perfect grass golf tee lines can prove to be a costly and time consuming experience for many golf facility operators.

TrueStrike offers the perfect solution with its continuous tee lines, that combines the hitting down and through of natural turf coupled with maximum durability, all at a fraction of the cost of maintaining natural tee lines.

TrueStrke Golf Mat continuous tee line

TrueStrike Single Golf Mat Continuous Golf Tee Lines
TrueStrike Single Golf Mat as a continuous golf tee lines

How TrueStrike Can Benefit Your Facility

  •  Are you making the most of your golf facilities all year round?

  •  Do your golfers stop coming due to poor playing surfaces in the winter months?

  • Are your tees and greens time consuming and costly to maintain?

TrueStrike golf tee lines

Save your facility up to 50% in labour and seed costs on your grass tee line with by discovering the realism and durability of TrueStrike. The only artificial surface available in the market that truly replicates playing from natural turf. Give your golfers the ultimate in performance and value, allow them to hit with confidence and reduce the wear and tear costs of natural tee lines.TrueStrike’s low maintenance tee lines offers golf facilities:

  • Performance just like natural turf
  • Divot simulating gel sub-base
  • Flexible strike surface that will last 150,000 iron shots.
  • Strike area that produces no shock or vibration even with heavy punch shots or fat shots.
  • Players can play every shot in their back without fear of injury.

Your low cost & low maintenance solution… start saving today, request a quote for your facility