3 reasons to choose a driving range with realistic performing golf mats

A driving range offers golfers the chance to practice golf without too much investment, whether they are new to the game or are a more seasoned golfer.   They can also be considered as a less intimidating environment than a golf course, allowing golfers to work on their game without the pressure of keeping score or competing against others.

With the above benefits in mind, when looking for a driving range to practice at you should take into consideration the quality of the golf mats they use. Neglecting to do so can often equate to a poor driving range practice experience. If you are serious about improving your game choosing a driving range with TrueStrike golf mats is certainly a step in the right direction.

1. Learn with feedback you can trust

Traditional golf mats at driving ranges have two main issues:

  1. They don’t provide realistic feedback on mis-hit shots, so in the long run traditional golf mats can actually hurt your game
  2. They do not provide true divot action that a real fairway provides, increasing the chance of injury and damage to your joints

The problem is that most mats can’t handle the wear and tear that the average golfer inflicts on them as he tries to develop a swing that compresses the ball.  TrueStrike is very different from traditional golf mats, it is much more durable and professionally constructed to allow you to swing correctly and aggressively, with a considerable level of protection against injury that hard synthetic mats do not provide.

The sturdy base does not slip and provides a good cushioning;its realistic performing gel section enables golfers to tell when they hit a clean shot versus a  fat shot.

2. Fine tune your practice skills

It’s great to go to the range to practice, but it can leave you disheartened when you transfer those skills out onto the golf course.  This is why practicing on a realistic performing surface like TrueStrike can be beneficial to your game.

Great for practicing wood shots, TrueStrike’s gel section lets you swing ‘Down-and-Through’ the shot with true divot action.  Making it easier for golfers to fine-tune their practice swing, without fear of injury. Furthermore the mat has a range mat section, meaning iron shots can easily be practiced. Giving you opportunity to  practice different aspects of your game.

3. Cost effective and convenient

The cost for using a driving range can vary depending on the facility; however, practicing at a driving range is usually the only option for those without the space or finances to set up their own practice area at home. Golf facilities with realistic performing golf mats are the ideal solution for golfers who want to hone their skills but are on a limited budget.

Some driving ranges also feature floodlights, offering golfers an opportunity to practice at night and increased ability to practice in the winter months is also an advantage in some areas. Why not use our TrueStrike locator to find a golf driving range near you.