Can I buy components, or do I have to buy a whole new TrueStrike mat?

You do not need to buy a whole new TrueStrike mat if a small portion or section of your practice mat wears out.

You can replace any worn component such as the Gel Section, Range Mat Section Edge Trim or Ball Tray and leave the rest alone. No problem.

What is a “component-based system”?

TrueStrike is a “component” mat system, as each of our mats are made up of one or more of the following sections such as the gel section, range mat section, ball tray and edge trim.

Within each component, there is what know as spares which can also be replaced such as the strike surface, tee receiver or range mat panel.

So you only ever need to replace the components that are worn. We offer several types of mat configurations with different number of range mat and gel section options. We also offer a continuous tee line as well as teaching mat/studio mat options.

Exploded view of TrueStrike Single Mat and its components

Can TrueStrike create a custom design for me?

Our sales representatives are happy to discuss any custom mat setups to fit your particular needs. TrueStrike’s components are designed to fit almost any size or shape, providing you with a world-class realistic performing practice experience in the convenience of your golf facility or home.