Can TrueStrike be left outdoors?

Yes, TrueStrike golf mats are primarily designed for driving range use, so can be left in place 24/7/365 in all weather and climates.

It is best to install TrueStrike golf mats on a firm, flat surface. Suitable locations include concrete pads, asphalt pads, wood decks or patio stones, or firm packed crushed stone.

If possible we do not recommend installing directly on top of grass as this will kill the grass underneath. Also we advise if you are installing on concrete, it is best to ensure that there is a 2% slope to allow for adequate drainage under the mat.

Here are some examples of TrueStrike golf mats being used outdoors

What TrueStrike golf mat is best for outdoor use

All TrueStrike recommended configurations are suitable for outside use, howver the most popular for home use and golf driving ranges is the TrueStrike Single Mat. This is because it features all of the TrueStrike sections in its configuration such as the gel section, edge trim, ball tray, and the range mat section for using tees.