Can TrueStrike be used by left and right handers?

Yes absolutely, left and right handers can use TrueStrike hitting mats

The single unit in particular can simply be played by physically rotating the mat or you could simply go for the TrueStrike double unit or academy unit.

How does TrueStrike differ from traditional golf mats?

Durability  – With the average life span of the strike surface at roughly 500,000 iron shots, this far exceeds the life span of conventional turf mats

Performance – Only TrueStrike golf mats truly replicate the exact same ball flight characteristics as a real grass fairway. Our American distributor using a high end launch monitor concluded that launch angle and spin rates, iron through wedges, all tested within 3% of shots hit off a natural fairway.

Injury Prevention – Traditional turf-based golf mats used at some driving ranges typically offer very little impact absorption and can actually be the root cause of golf injuries. TrueStrike golf mats are engineered to virtually eliminate the “shock” caused by conventional golf mats, which minimizing the stress on the lead elbow and shoulder thus reducing the chance of injury.