Can TrueStrike be used with Golf Simulators?

Yes, TrueStrike golf mats can be used with a variety of golf simulators, whether it’s the latest SkyTrak Launch monitor with TruGolf software, the Optishot Golf simulator for the home with a projection screen, or a top of the range GC2 for Clubfitting, a Trackman TruGolf Simulator for the basement, or the New Golfzon GDR Coaching Simulator for the Driving Range.

The TrueStrike Golf Mats are modular configurations and are made up of TrueStrike sections. We have created several recommended configurations designed to cater for different golfers needs. However its versatility means that the customer can build their own TrueStrike according to their own personal configuration.

Academy (Golf Simulators) Mat

The most popular TrueStrike golf mat used with golf simulators is the Academy Mat, as it had been designed as the recommended configuration for golf simulators. It comes with a centre hitting position, which can accommodate both left and right handed levels of golfers.

Academy Mat with Golf Simulators

The setup sees the traditional academy configuration to include a ball tray instead of a edge trim.

Academy Mat with baal tray used with a Golf Simultor

The above examples are the golf practice setup’s designed and installed by one of our UK distributors golf swing systems and our USA TrueStrike distributor Pro Putt Systems. Other options such as the Double Mat can also be utilised, as it offers plenty of room and can facilitate a launch monitor right on the surface or for the read line on rear reading simulator devices.

So if you’re going to spend the money on a state of the art golf simulator technology,  it only makes sense to be hitting off most realistic hitting surface.