American Golf’s Club Fitting With TrueStrike

Club fitting just got more realistic, as American Golf installs TrueStrike golf mats into their fitting studios.

American golf is one of UK and Ireland’s biggest golf retailers, with over a 100 stores, stocking all the latest clubs, equipment, clothing and accessories from some of the biggest brands in golf.

With the introduction of TrueStrike hitting mats into the stores fitting studios, will ensure the best fitting experience is provided to customers.

“We chose TrueStrike because we wanted to give our customers the best fitting experience. TrueStrike provides a realistic playing surface enabling us to improve our customers game.”

Chris Dawrant, Property & Project Co-ordinator at American Golf

TrueStrike’s unique gel divot sub surface allows the golfer to hit down and through the shot as they would on turf, thus creating a more realistic fitting experience of the golf clubs to be accurately matched to the golfers individual swing. A feature that is not present on traditional hard synthetic mats.

The end result being more closely matched clubs for the golfer, that will reduce or even eliminate undesirable shot patterns, like hooks and slices. So they hit straighter, and more consistent shots, allowing the golfer to play closer to their full potential.