Enhance your club fitting accuracy with TrueStrike

The two most common styles of club fitting processes, are firstly just static measurements and hitting balls into a practice net to get an idea of how the club feels. Or secondly hitting balls using a launch monitor and then comparing data between different models and shafts. In both instances choosing the right kind of golf mat can have an effect on the quality of the club fit you are providing your customers.

Engineered to replicate hitting off the fairway, TrueStrike provides realistic feedback on ball launch angles and spin rates. This feature is a key benefit for club fitters using launch monitors as part of their fitting process.

Enhance your club fitting accuracy with TrueStrike - Club fitting and testing

The problem with Traditional golf Mats

In comparison with TrueStrike, traditional mats have two main issues:

No realistic feedback on mis-hit shots – traditional golf mats actually hurt your game

Traditional golf hitting mats are generally constructed in a way that they are either too firm or too soft. These unrealistic conditions mean a player can hit fat shots and never know, so are unaware if they are making impact with the ball first, or the turf first.

No normal forgiveness that real golf fairway provides – traditional golf mats actually hurt your joints

Hitting off traditional mats also means the constant shock and vibration pushes the energy back up through the shaft and into your joints and muscles. This can causes golf injuries such as “golfer’s elbow”.

The benefits of better-engineered golf mat to enhance club fitting

TrueStrike’s gel section implements an innovative concept that consists of a soft thin durable artificial strike surface, covering a silicone gel insert. Engineered to be a realistic performing practice surface that is not too firm or too soft, but is as forgiving as the fairway.

Suggested TrueStrike golf mat configurations

The key benefits listed above can assist the club fitter in providing a more accurate club fitting experience for their customers. The optional integrated strike allows the sole of the club to be inline with the sole of the players feet, thus improving the accuracy of the result and building a better club for the customer.

Double With Strike Board

Double with Range Section and Strike Board
This double is ideal for club fitting applications, can be utilised for left and right handed golfers with ball trays at either end. It is especially designed to give all level of golfers a choice.

Academy With Stirke Board - Club Fitting and Testing Mat

Academy with Range Section and Strike Board
The academy is configured primarily for launch monitors; again it also can be used for left and right-handed golfers. Making this yet another perfect solution for your club fitting needs.

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