Flexible Porous Pathway Install At Knebworth Golf Club

B.O.P Europe Ltd to installs a flexible porous pathway at Knebworth Golf Club.

Knebworth Pathway Knebworth Pathway

Knebworth Pathway Knebworth Pathway

We have a long standing relationship with the golf facility, since our refurbishment of their Driving Range. The flexible porous pathway surrounds the Club entrance and is designed to overcome the numerous challenges experienced with traditional forms of paving systems.

BOP Europe Ltd laid a pathway product known as ‘Trailflex’. A revolutionary substance that uses recycled car tyres and stone bound together with polyurethane resin to create one of the greenest paving solutions on the market today.

Trailflex is a flexible porous paving that will allow water to pass through the surface rather than running down the pathways. It will not clog and requires virtually no maintenance once laid. Trailflex is spongy to walk on, but remains extremely robust. Using recycled materials to create a permeable and flexible paving solution, that is robust and does not crack or delaminate makes this product a clear winner for schemes where surface water management, durability and sustainability are key. Trailflex is available in different stone colour choices, for this installation a light coloured stone was chosen to be bound into the rubber, designed to soften the look.

Trailflex flexible porous pathway

The Trailfex flexible porous pathway will not only improve the look and presentation of the whole area but provide much needed relief from previous maintenance and constant repair of ‘Red Pave’ and give control to the golf facility over the wear and tear of these aesthetically important areas.

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