What golf net should I use with TrueStrike Golf Mats?

Utilising a golf net with your TrueStrike practice mat, can vastly improve the ability and skill of any golfer, but how do you go about choosing the right one?

Benefits of owning a golf hitting net

Just like TrueStrike, golf nets are available to use all year round. Be sure to look for a golf practice net that’s designed for use both indoors and outdoors. The majority of  the best brands can be used no matter what the weather conditions are.

If you live in an area with bad weather conditions such as harsh winters or frequent rain. A golf hitting net will allow you to practice while keeping warm and dry.

The convenience of having a golf net at home also acts as a time saver, no need to head down to the local practice range. When you have your own realistic practice solution TrueStrike hitting mats.

TrueStrike Golf Mat used with Callaway golf net TrueStrike Golf Mat with Rotanet practice golf net

Cost benefits

Owning your own golf hitting net and TrueStrike mat can potentially outweigh the cost of  trips to the range, where the buckets of balls tend to run out quicker and quicker every time! Yes there is an initial cost outlay, but in the longer term the money savings can be big over time. Not forgetting the value to your health, hitting off a TrueStrike mat means no shock, no strain and no pain. Reducing your chance of injury.

There is a large variety of golf hitting nets available and indeed the one you select will be a long term investment. The satisfaction of practicing with your own quality golf net that will stand the test of time is vital.

What to look for in a golf hitting net…

  • Does it have a Target? A target can help to work on ball direction and trajectory. Though if it doesn’t we wouldn’t necessarily say it was a deal breaker.
  • Is it easy to set-up and take down? Too many separate pieces can be a hassle to put together and will definitely eat into your precious golf practice time.
  • What’s the strength of netting? Obviously this is going to be a major consideration in your decision making. Nylon netting has been proven to be the toughest. We wouldn’t recommend a polyurethane golf net as they are known to  tear easily.
  • What is the hitting area size?  The bigger the better we say, but of course how much space you have has to be considered. As well as your tendency to hit shots way off line or not.
  • It is easily stored or portable? All the top brand golf nets allow for easy storage. The even have carry cases making them portable as well.
  • What’s the Price?  Often the main deal breaker in any purchase.  Make a budget and stick to it. Buying a top end net doesn’t mean it has to be brand new.  Check out auction sites such as Ebay, you might just grab yourself a bargain.  Another option is Amazon, as their prices can be cheaper than buying direct from the brands website in some cases.

Things to consider…

  • Cheap is not always cheerful – The old adage of you get what you pay for applies here. We know everybody wants to save some money whenever they can, but it may result in disappointment in the end.
  • What do you need – Make a list of most important features you are expecting from your golf net, does it include a ball return for instance or is it portable. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive just the important features you require.
  • Buy Online vs In Store – While buying online can be more convenient. If you have local golf retailer nearby, be sure to include them in your price match of the best golf hitting net. You never know they might have a special offer or promotions.
  • Set a budget – When choosing the correct golf hitting net always keep the cost factor in mind, as more specifications and features tend to increase the cost.

Hopefully the above tips will get you well on the way to finding your ideal golf hitting mat for your TrueStrike golf mat.