Golf Practice Drills To Improve Your Golf Game

Tailoring your golf practice drills to best improve your golf game is not easy, a quick suggestion would be to get yourself a TrueStrike practice mat that has performs realistically.  We have put a great list together of some golf practice drills that you can practice on TrueStrike that are sure to help you master the best practice and have your golf game singing in no time.

Golf Practice Drills To Improve Your Game

  1. Half Swing Drill
    The “Half Swing Drill” in the video demonstrated by Chip Beck, helps alignment, ball contact, ball position, grip pressure, takeaway, club release, follow through, general body mechanics and weight shift.
  2. 9 Drills To Do At The Practice Green & Driving Range
    A guide put together by Golf Digest, a simple slideshow giving tips on practice ideas for how to get your game right prior to your round of golf.
  3. 10 practice drills to improve your golf game
    Great practice tips for golfers that don’t have much time for practice, Tom Stickney II gives his personal input of what works best for his golf game.
  4. Six drills to help you master the art of deliberate practice
    Tips to help all levels of golfers , so they can break out of their comfort zone and reduce their handicap.
  5. 9 Tour Player Practice Golf Drills
    Not exactly a step by step guide but a example video of what practice golf drills were used by the best players in the world at the Abu Dhabi Championships