Hard Golf Mats Are Bad For Golfers Health

Hitting off hard golf mats are bad for golfers health

While the playing surface on traditional mats may look like grass, unfortunately they don’t play like hitting of grass. The golf mats tend to consist of a top surface of artificial grass bonded to foam backing and they are often laid directly onto concrete. This means a number of negative side effects can arise when people continually hit from hard synthetic mats.

This fact is further supported in a recent article by the Global Golf Post entitled ‘Injuries Are Golf’s Insidious Hazard’, highlights the dangers of continued golf practice on hard unrealistic golf mats from an early age stating that they are the cause of wrist, shoulder and back injuries in later life.

“It’s horrendous …I can always tell players who have that kind of background by their wrist and elbow problems.  Sometimes, I will see a player who has come back from a week’s intensive training on mats and almost every time, she will have done more harm than good.” Dr Andrew Levick speaking about hard mats in the Global Golf Post article ‘Injuries Are Golf’s Insidious Hazard’ Click here to read the full article

Comparison of TrueStrike Golf Mat vs Traditional Hard Synthetic Mats and why hard golf mats are bad for golfers health

Hard Golf Mats Are Bad For Golfers Health

The above issue is one of the primary reasons for the design and development of TrueStrike’s strike surface and divot simulating subsurface, which reduces the shock and vibration usually associated with hitting from hard mats. Rather than the vibration caused at impact traveling up the club shaft and into the arm of the user, as on a traditional golf mat, it is absorbed into the gel pad below the strike surface.

This means golfers at home and at the range can play from TrueStrike golf mats without having to worry about injuring themselves. Golfers can use TrueStrike with the confidence of knowing they may be protecting themselves from future problems and avoiding the aggravation of existing injuries.