Horne Park’s Robot Revolution

A year later after Automated Managed Services Ltd installed TrueBots automated outfield maintenance system at Horne Park


Horne Park - Before Rebot Install Horne Park - Before Robot Install


Horne Park - After Robot Install

Horne Park’s outfield has had a massive transformation since the installation of TrueBot outfield robots at the end of last year by Automated Managed Services. The automated complimentary addition has brought a greener lush outfield to the golf facility, providing efficiency and cost reductions associated with the usual tasks of outfield maintenance.

“Ball management at driving ranges is usually not at the top list of importance for most golfers that use the range. However it is most definitely a huge issue for range owners like myself. The constant battle to make sure the balls are collected every night and are ready again for when the range opens again the next day, is often very time consuming and resource draining. The TrueBot outfield robots are a truly unique concept, that attempt to address this issue with Range Ball Plan and as such were a welcomed addition to the facility. It’s been about year since installation and overall I’d say the last year has been a somewhat mixed. The health of the outfield has improved and the when the balls are being collected its been tremendous, however with variables such as poor weather impacting the robots, it has been a struggle at times. That being said Phil and his team have been very proactive in trying to resolve issues, they have a strong desire to make the system work making the support service they offer very good.” Neil Burke Owner of Horne Park

The TrueBot outfield robots are part of AMS’s (Automated Managed Services) bespoke driving range outfield management solutions called Range Ball Plan. Designed as a completely automated service for golf ball collection, cleansing and returning to the golf ball dispenser. All whilst simultaneously cutting the grass and improving the surface of the range.

The TrueBot known as BallPicker does the ball collection and provides the driving range with a constant ball supply and protect balls from being plugged or damaged. This coupled with BigMow robot, finely cuts the blades of grass using a unique mulching technique. This allows the grass to easily decompose into the soil, thus creating a healthier greener outfield.

Horne Park’s Driving Range offers an ideal setting for golf practice, it boasts 12 open and 8 covered bays, loaded with quality high durability and performance Srixon range balls, a dedicated chipping green, as well as a 400 sq yd practice putting green.

For more information on TrueBots and Range Ball Plan, please visit www.true-bot.com