How to hit a golf ball

Reviewing the basics of how to hit a golf ball is always a good idea for any golf expert or newbie.

The golf swing in particular can seem like an impossibly complicated motion, however each part of the technique is equally important and will take some practice to get it all coordinated.

So for those looking to learn how to hit a golf ball, check out the three links below for the basics, we have also put together a list of the most common golf lingo you should familiarise yourself with to get started.

Stance – Is how you position of your feet and legs as you prepare to hit the ball. Your stance will provide the foundation of your entire swing, from backswing to follow through.

Address – After you’ve taken your stance, grip and posture is set, you address the ball by placing the clubhead on the ground behind the ball.

Grounding the Club – This term refers to the point when your club touches the ground while you are addressing the ball.

Target – The direction you want to hit the ball towards.

Fairway – The part of a golf course between a tee and the corresponding green, where the grass is kept short.

Green – Also called the putting green, this is where you will find the hole!

1. How to Properly Hit a Golf Ball

Taken from blog post created by the user EvanW4. This is quick how to guide with simple and straight forward tips on how to hit a golf ball. The author also provides pictures to help demonstrate.

How to Properly Hit a Golf Ball - By EvanW4
How to Properly Hit a Golf Ball – By EvanW4

2. How To Hit The Golf Ball: The Complete Guide

For those looking something more in-depth, the following guide from golf enthusiast Jordan Fuller, offers 7 chapters on subject. He states the guide “will show you the essentials of how you make the golf ball travel far, straight, and with some POP!”

3. How to Hit Golf Balls on the Range

The third is a video from professional golfer Paige Spiranac, where she explains her usual range practice routine. This tutorial doesn’t give an in-depth how to as the previous guide does, but it is good for explaining the why for example she begins her practice routine with slow chip shots to develop her rhythm and tempo.

Try out the tips above the next time you’re practicing so you can learn how to hit a golf ball for your next round.