How to improve your golf game over the winter

With many golfers letting their golf game lax during the colder months, winter can be challenging time. Bad weather during this time of year means they are unable to get out onto the course as often as they do over the spring and summer.

This can often undo a lot of the good hard work you have put in to raise your game over the year and leave you back where you started. So the best advice to golfers is to make sure you use the months off for constructive golf training. Here are some great ways to up your game when you can’t make it out onto the course.

Get into the swing of it

Developing your swing is a great aspect of your game that is easy to develop in the home. Viewed as one of the major problems for golfers is a lack of consistency in their swing. There are many great tools available that can help you work on the mechanics and timing. Take a look at these great golf swing tips to get you started.

Invest in a golf mat

Another worthwhile option is to invest in TrueStrike golf mat for your home. Doing so can certainly be an expense, but we offer a variety of different configurations available to match your budget. A great addition to your practice toolkit, it doesn’t require as much space as you might imagine. Its realistic preforming strike surface means the practice feedback on the mat is the same feedback when you play on the golf course. All it takes is a simple golf net and TrueSrike golf mat and you have created your own home golf practice solution.

Study up on the game

The cold and wet weather months maybe stopping you from playing golf as often as you would like, you can still take this opportunity to develop your technical and theoretical knowledge.  By taking the time to watch more golf on TV or reading training manuals and books written by pros is a great way to enhance your skill set. Learning about what you are doing wrong and how to improve them is a great transferable skill that you can use when you return to the course.

Get fit

Working on the physical aspects of your game can be a valuable use of your time, which many golfers overlook. Golfers own physical condition plays an important role in their ability to hit shots correctly, in terms of strength, flexibility and stamina.

With that said it’s worth spending more time in the gym and working both on cardio and weights machines. Additionally, it can be also a good idea to look into yoga or Pilates, which can provide great benefits improving your flexibility.

Time to Putt

The nice thing about practicing putting at home is that it’s easy to do, you can putt while you watch TV, talk to your wife/kids, etc. It’s just convenient. There are many extremely realistic indoor putting greens that allow you to get a true simulation of putting on the course, except that they can be used anywhere in your home. Great for developing a repeatable stoke and for working on you’re direction, important factors in nurturing a good putt technique.