Realistic Performing Golf Practice TrueStrike & TrueTee At The London Golf Show

Over the past ten years the London Golf Show has chosen TrueStrike golf mats for the shows driving range, so visitors to the show can test the equipment on the most realistic performing golf practice surface.

The show is created for golfers of all ages and abilities in mind, the London Golf Show is the country’s largest golf show of it’s kind. A truly interactive experience with informed expert advice, FREE PGA tuition, a massive indoor Driving Range, Custom fitting, Club testing, Simulators and the latest golf gadgets, and is supported by some of the biggest and best household names in golf.

This years show saw TrueStrike’s introduction of TrueTee ball automation system for their Rapid Golf Challenge event, which saw visitors try to hit as many balls they can in under a minute and helped raise money for charity.

The London Golf Show logo - realistic performing golf practice

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