Silvermere choose the outfield maintenance robots

We are please to announce Silvermere Driving Range has chosen the outfield maintenance robots installed by our sister company (AMS) Automated Managed Services.

Signed up under Range Ball Plan, a monthly service plan run by AMS. It will oversee the automated outfield maintenance of the driving range.  Silvermere Driving Range is known as a one of the leading and most innovative practice facilities in the South East, it has a two-tiered 52 bay driving range.

With the installation starting in late September 2015, TrueBots outfield maintenance robots are set to be a complimentary addition to the driving range’s facilities. Bringing efficiency and cost reductions associated with the usual tasks of outfield maintenance.

The robots known as TrueBots are part of the cost, labour and energy saving service called ‘Range Ball Plan’. An automated outfield management solution that involves no capital outlay for the facility, so they only pay for the balls collected and have grass cutting included as part of the service.

“We are pleased to add Silvermere to the AMS portfolio, the implementation of Range Ball Plan at their facility will make a great difference to how the they operate. TrueBots are definitely an innovative solution for the modern golf facility providing healthier outfields and constant ball supply. It will also reduce labour overheads, noise and carbon emissions. “ Philip Sear CEO Automated Managed Services Ltd

The great benefits of BallPicker are that it will provide the driving range with a constant ball supply and protect balls from being plugged or damaged. This coupled with BigMow, which finely cuts the blades of grass using a unique mulching technique, allows the grass to easily decompose into the soil. Thus creating a healthier greener outfield.

Silvermere Outfield Maintenance Robots - BigMow and Ball Picker