TrueBots – What a difference a year can make to your outfield

Tonbridge Golf Centre’s driving range outfield, has had a dramatic transformation in the past year since the installation of the automated outfield robots called TrueBots. The robots form part of the outfield maintenance service solution Range By Plan, which is managed by our sister company Automated Managed Services (AMS).

Tonbridge Golf Centre before and after of their range outfield since the install of the TrueBot robots

The robots are designed for the automated collection, washing and return to dispenser of range balls. Along with the automated cutting of the outfield grass, without leaving any waste cuttings to dispose of, due to its unique mulching technique. All of which culminate in a innovative comprehensive solution for the modern driving range.

Tonbridge Driving Range Outfield

“I was apprehensive at the start when seeing Phil and the robots for the first time because of how boggy our outfield gets in the winter – I thought ‘how are they going to get through the mud?’ But after 18 months I’ve realised that it was my heavy machinery on the outfield on a daily basis which were CREATING the mud !!!
…Now we have no boggy conditions due to the ball picker robot being so light and big mow mulching the grass finely back into the ground … I can only see the condition of the outfield improving year on year – this is definitely the way forward for managing any driving range outfield. I would highly recommend both the system as well as Phil and his very professional team.
I would highly recommend any driving range install the AMS robotic system.  It is one of the best decisions I have made for my range.”

James Jones Director At Tonbridge Golf Centre

Tonbridge Golf Centre Outfield - TrueBots make the difference

Tonbridge Golf Centre
Address: Cannon Lane, Tonbridge TN9 1PP
Phone:01732 353281

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