TrueStrike and TrueBots at China Fleet

We are pleased to announce TrueStrike and TrueBots have been installed at China Fleet Country Club.

The recent driving range revamp saw the introduction TrueStrike Golf Mats and TrueBot outfield robots BigMow and BallPicker. The transformation is sure to enhance the facility’s appeal to golfers, its 22 floodlit driving range bays are all fitted with TrueStrike golf mats. The realistic fairway forgiveness™ effect of the TrueStrike golf mat helps improve practice experience for golfers, by realistically and accurately replicating shots from the fairway.

Golfers will love the realistic performance TrueStrike golf mat’s fairway forgiveness effect produces, they will gain real benefits previously unobtainable from golf practice on traditional golf practice mats.

Keeping the grass maintained, the BigMow outfield robot continually cuts the grass at an optimum height, making the surface quality similar to that of a fairway.

The robot Ball Picker automated ball collection allows golfers to practice non-stop. The Ball Picker carefully collects the balls and then drops them in the dispenser where they are washed and returned to the hopper for golfers to use again and again.

China Fleet Country Club Driving Range Outfield Robots
China Fleet Country Club Outfield Robots
China Fleet Country Club TrueStrike and TrueBots

China Fleet Country Club TrueStrike and TrueBots

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China Fleet Country Club
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