TrueStrike Golf Mats and Automatic Tee Up Systems

The unique versatility of TrueStrike golf mats design makes it easily adaptable to work with ball automatic tee up systems.

The range mat section on a TrueStrike mat can be easily be adapted to accommodate the automatic tee up device. You will be able offer your customers the realism that the TrueStrike golf mat provides and the benefits of automatic tee up system for your driving range.

Benefits of Automatic Tee Up Systems & TrueStrike

The benefit of TrueStrike Golf Mats give your golfers the choice of practice on a realistic performing surface and the easy repetition of stance and rhythm ball automation can provide.

Iron shots can be hit from the top quality range mat section on TrueStrike that has the automated ball teeing system integrated. After the ball has been hit it is automatically replaced with another until all the balls are used.

So if you already have a auto tee up system or are looking for one for your golf facility, consider TrueStrike’s realistic playing surface and the choice it can offer your golfers.

Automatic Tee Up Systems


If you would like more information about TrueStrike and how they can work with your Auto Tee Up System, contact us for more information.