TrueStrike reviewed by Plugged in Golf

Plugged In Golf is an online resource for golf instruction, news, and reviews. This month they gave an in depth review on TrueStrike golf mats and the benefits it offer golfers.

The article covers ease of use and setup, effectiveness, longevity and value for money. All key  points in helping you decide if TrueStrike golf mats are the right golf practice mat for you.

“I frequently tell people, “There are few, if any, bad golf products anymore.”  In most areas – clubs, ball, bags, etc – I could use products from a number of manufacturers and be satisfied.  But when I was setting up my indoor hitting area, there was only one mat that I considered: TrueStrike.…”

Matt Saternus Co-founder, Director of Instruction at Plugged In Golf

Plugged in Golf TrueStrike Golf Mat Review

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