TrueStrike’s Driving Range Refurbishment Service

TrueStrike’s Range Refurbishment Service offers facilities an all in one solution for their range refurbishment needs, the end goal always being to create a golf practice environment that will enhance your golfer’s experience. We offer a whole host of solutions designed to give your facility a brand new look, such as new bay dividers, outfield signs, carpeting, netting and much more…

“Philip and his team were very professional from start to finish; it was a clean and easy installation process that caused no disturbance to general range operation. I am delighted at the transformation we have achieved here, our customers have commented positively on introduction of TrueStrike. I would definitely recommend Phil and his team at B.O.P Europe and the products they offer.” Richard Ballard PGA Sherdons Golf Centre

The process is a simple one a member of our sales team meets the client to assess the specific requirements and a site survey is undertaken. The client receives a completed site survey, a summary of its characteristics and the typical installation process. Along with a quotation for the project. If the client is happy with our proposals, we agree on an installation date.

Driving Range Refurbishment Process
Driving Range Refurbishment Process
Driving Range Refurbishment One Stop Golf Completed

A key component in all our refurbishments is our realistic performing TrueStrike Golf Mat, which plays, feels and reacts just like hitting off turf. It is modular in design and can be easily configured to accommodate left and right-handed golfers. It can also be adapted to be used with ball automation systems such as PowerTee. The benefits of installing TrueStrike golf mats as part of your range refurbishment are as follows:

• Broaden Appeal & Attract The Better Golfer
• Reacts Like Turf
• No Shock, No Strain, No Pain
• Durable and Cost-Effective
• No Bounce

Driving Range Refurbishment One Stop Golf
One Stop Golf Driving Range Refurbishment

Broaden Appeal & Attract The Better Golfer

Your facility could attract the untapped market of competent and committed golfers that prefer NOT to hit from hard synthetic range mats.

Reacts Like Turf

The TrueStrike golf mat has a revolutionary gel section that replicates hitting off the fairway when struck. Thus allowing the clubhead to play down and through the shot, just as it would on turf.

No Shock, No Strain, No Pain

TrueStrike’s divot simulating subsurface allows the vibration usually associated with hard synthetic mats to be absorbed into the gel pad below the strike surface.

Durable and Cost-Effective

Built to withstand repeated use and is modular in design. The strike surface has an approximate life expectancy of roughly 55,000 iron shots before it will need replacing. That said the TrueStrike golf mat always performs at 100% throughout its life.

No Bounce

TrueStrike golf mat’s playing surface dissipates the blow for immediate and realistic feedback at the point of impact and eliminates the problematic “Bounce” experienced by golfers on hard synthetic mats.

One Stop Golf Range Refurbishment

With our experience and ability to innovate, we are confident we will always be able to offer your facility a personal service and leading-edge products. Register your interest for further information on how TrueStrike Range Refurbishment Service can enhance your facility. We can even arrange a no-obligation demonstration of our TrueStrike Golf Mat.