Value Your £££ True Quality Matters

Value your £££ true quality matters, by switching to Truetrike golf mats and TrueBot Outfield robots.

TrueStrike & TrueTee Auto Tee Up Benefits

* Save Up To 50% By Switching From Your Current Auto Tee Provider To TrueTee ball automation
* Increase Footfall TrueStrike golf mats Play, Feel and react just like hitting off grass, broadening your appeal to the better golfer
* Revive Your Facility with new bay dividers, outfield signs, carpeting, netting and much more

Benefits of automated outfield maintenance

* Never lose a ball to cutting or plugging again
* Robots work 24 hours a day with no sick days
* Constant ball supply with 40% less balls in your system
* Average savings of £5k – £15k per year on range operation costs
* A beautiful outfield all year round
* minimal human intervention

Value Your £££ True Quality Matters TrueStrike Golf Mats & TrueBot Robots