What TrueStrike Golf Mat for home golf practice

One of the most common questions we get in regard to TrueStrike is: Which TrueStrike Golf Mat should I get for home practice?

One of the most common questions we get in regard to TrueStrike is: Which TrueStrike Golf Mat should I get for home practice?

Since TrueStrike Golf Mats are completely modular they can be configured to needs and requirements of the user.  However we do have recommended configurations that cater to the most common needs of our customers.

Here are the 5 models listed in order of popularity:

  1. Single Golf Mat
  2. Academy Golf Mat
  3. Static Golf Mat
  4. Portable Golf Mat
  5. Double Golf Mat

Please Note: Each True Strike will come to you with a Tee Receiver and 50 Tees (25 long and 25 short) that fit in the receiver and won’t fly out when hit. These components are packaged inside the packaging of every gel section.

Single TrueStrike Golf Mat

Single Golf Mat

The single is by far the most popular as it features all of the True Strike functionality but also has a ball tray. It is most popular in home settings where a player is hitting into a net and you rarely have to switch from right handed to left handed.

While the modular pieces can be easily taken apart and switched, it is not optimal for right handed players and left simultaneously, the second most popular, the Academy Model is best for left and right handed without moving parts around.

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Academy TrueStrike Golf Mat

Academy Golf Mat

For home users that have the room for Launch Monitors like Trackman, Foresight GC2, FlightScope or SkyTrack, the Academy is most popular because you have the ability to place the unit right on the mat, in the case of a GC2 or SkyTrack, which are known as “side reading” devices. (side reading means they read the first 8-10 inches of ball flight perpendicular to the ball flight from ground level)

In the case of a Trackman or a FlightScope launch monitor, these are rear reading devices, they are set behind the ball address position a number of feet and read the ball from behind. Because they are rear reading, they read a very slender sliver of ball flight, lets call it the “read line”.  Each range mat section has two plugs in it for the tee receiver. Thus the range mat section can be simply picked up and rotated in order to put both drives and iron shots inside the read line of a Trackman or FlightScope. This takes less than 10 seconds and does not require you lift the frame of the True Strike.

The Academy model does not come with a ball tray as a standard option, however as it is completely modular, ball trays can be added at anytime.

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Static TrueStrike Golf Mat

Static Golf Mat

The Static Golf Mat is specifically designed to hit irons only, but you can and many people do, hit driver and tee shots from an Static Model True Strike.

If budget is a concern or you only plan to hit minimal drivers, you can easily take that center panel and place it on the other side of the Strike Surface, you can then hit drivers or any other type of tee ball.

Many people are hitting indoor and they only have 9′ of clearance thus, they only hit iron shots, the Static Model is a perfect solution for them. Remember, you can add the other modular pieces later, if circumstances change.

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Portable TrueStrike Golf Mat

Portable Golf Mat

The Portable is a good option if you plan on inlaying your strike surface in base panels or flooring, or if you have an alternative surface to stand on while you hit, but want the realism of a True Strike.

The portable is elevated 2.25 inches so if you do not plan to inlay it or have another surface to stand on, you’ll have an awkward stance.

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Double TrueStrike Golf Mat

Double Golf Mat

The Double Model is a luxury version of the Academy, it is very spacious and offers left hand hitting as well as right hand hitting with a ball tray on each side.

Perfect for high end residential simulator set ups, it has plenty of room and can facilitate a launch monitor right on the surface or a read line on rear reading simulator devices.

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What Next?

We hope this helps when deciding which TrueStrike Golf Mat is right for you.  Visit our distributors page to find your closest TrueStrike dealer or if you have any questions just drop us a message