11th Annual GRAA Conference

We took the opportunity, during the 11th Annual GRAA Conference and Exhibition, to unveil our new and revolutionary TrueStrike golf mat.

The turnout was very good and throughout the GRAA exhibition our stand was extremely busy as people crowded round to find out more about our new golf mat.

There was a real buzz in the room as people first saw and then felt, by pressing the top surface down into the gel filled divot-simulating sub surface, how truly different TrueStrike golf mats are compared to traditional synthetic turf.

11th Annual GRAA Conference - TrueStrike News

Everyone who learned more about our golf mat was keen to experience the TrueStrike “fairway forgiveness” effect for themselves. However, given the limited space at the GRAA exhibition and the crowd of people that had developed, those eager to try the TrueStrike mat had to wait one more day for the 2004 PGA Merchandise Show to open.