London Golf Show Golfers put the Truestrike through it’s paces

It is said, ‘If you want to test a product give it to a child!’.

That’s certainly what happened at the London Golf Show but we didn’t mind, the Truestrike boys have time for everyone no matter their age, golfing prowess or interest.

With over 40,000 visitors this year to the London golf Show an increase of some 20% golf is obviously a growing sport. Golfers new and old eager to see the latest string of products to shave those precious handicap points.

Lee Westwood was in attendance as well as a number of other celebrities who stopped by the stand including the ‘Two Ronnies’, Ronnie Corbett and Ron Atkinson.

Saturday was very much Dad’s and kids day with many of the visitors to the Truestrike stand being prospective golfing champions of the future. I can tell you there were some really good swings amongst the golfing juniors, some as young as five years old.

Many of the Dads were eager to discuss the benefits of the Trustrike mat as their offspring tried it out, hitting balls into the on-site hitting bay. As we all know youngsters are always eager to practice if their imagination has been caught by a new sport or interest. Lots of practice on traditional mats can lead to injuries to growing wrists, elbow and shoulders. Using the Truestrike mat with it’s gel-based hitting section not only provides the realistic feed-back we need for effective practice but also vastly reduces the impact damage caused by hitting ‘fat’ on traditional strike surfaces.

For the more mature golfer the attraction was in the mat and net combo we were offering. Ideal as an easily removed addition to the garden allowing swing grooving. When you do need to see the ball flight the Truestrike mat easily breaks down so that the soft strike pad can be taken to the Driving Range for iron practice.

The Truestrike solution is rapidly becoming the de-facto club-fitting mat for the industry. Mizuno, Cleveland, Ping, Callaway and Snake Eyes as well as a number of key retailers including Golf Smith, Nevada Bobs and American Golf .

The Mizuno Club fitting Centre showing the branded Truestrike mat in use.

Truestrike at the London Golf Show Truestrike at the London Golf Show Truestrike at the London Golf Show