Nevada Bobs chooses TrueStrike

Nevada Bobs Golf is considered a major player within the golf industry and it’s brand is respected and recognised by the golf industry worldwide.

In its effort to continue it’s world leading dominance, Nevada Bob’s Golf have decided to use TrueStrike golf mats as part of their club-fitting program.

Martin New, Franchise Manager at Nevada Bobs Golf states
Nevada Bobs logo

“Because Nevada Bob’s stores are full of experts in the game we know a great product when we see one, which is why we had no hesitation in selecting TrueStrike for our in store fitting and testing centres. The Truestrike mat’s replaceable gel section and overall construction gives a more lifelike feel of the fairway, which provides our customers the opportunity to try and select clubs in the most realistic off-course environment possible. ”

Be assured that Nevada Bobs offer the best golf equipment suited to your physique and ability, this coupled with the revolutionary TrueStrike mat, will result in a more accurate golf club, custom fitted to your requirements.