Rotanet Practice Net and TrueStrike

The Rotanet practice net and TrueStrike golf mat make the perfect home golf practice solution.

Rotanet Practice Net and TrueStrike Golf Mat

TrueStrike & Rotanet golf practice solution.

Set up at work or in your own garage or garden, this versatile solution makes it quicker and easier to practice your golf indoor or outdoor.

The benefits of Rotanet include:

  • The Rotanet is both compact and portable when it’s retracted — Other nets can be too big and can become an eyesore
  • The RotaNet’s revolutionary design keeps it protected from UV Rays — Traditional nets that are left out exposed to UV rays and weather, can be suseptible to the netting  “dry-rotting” over time. The rotanet practice net comes with a protective cover to use when not in use and can also be easily stored in your garage or shed.
  • Large Hitting Area — The Mouth of the Rotanet is 10′ Wide x 8′ Deep and the vaulted ceiling provides protection against high shots.

The TrueStrike golf mats realistic representation of a fairway and the Rotanet practice nets, have been designed to provide an effective and safe environment for golfers of all standards and ages to practice their drives and long shots.

Traditional hard synthetic mats, may look like grass but don’t actually play or feel like hitting from turf. This in comparison to TrueStrike golf mats which allows the golfer to hit down and through the shot,  just like hitting from turf.

This is because the mats have a revolutionary gel-filled divot simulating subsurface, that when struck creates a “ruckable” top surface. Making TrueStrike the better choice for your home golf practice.

If your swing is inconsistent or your drives always end up in the rough, then TrueStrike and Rotanet practice net is for you.