TrueStrike mats proved popular at the London Golf Show

TrueStrike golf mats proved popular at the London Golf Show, as it was unveiled to the public for the first time. The new and improved TrueStrike golf practice mat was chosen by the London Golf Show to be the show’s exclusive mat suppliers. Equipment which inventor Philip Sear developed after a close encounter with a waterbed, a couple of golf clubs and a ball.

The organisers of the London Golf Show wanted to offer visitors the opportunity to hit off the most realistic artificial hitting surface available and therefore choose TrueStrike golf mats for use in their specially constructed indoor driving range and club testing area as well as numerous other locations around the show.

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Throughout the show thousands of golfers queued to test clubs on demo from the golf industry’s leading equipment companies. Philip Sear said “We were delighted when the London Golf Show contacted us to supply mats for the show. They needed the best and we gave them the best”.

The secret of the TrueStrike mat is the striking area. It has a uniquely flexible top surface, which works in conjunction with the gel filled divot simulating subsurface, to produce a playing surface that plays, feels and reacts like a natural fairway – an effect TrueStrike calls ‘fairway forgiveness’.

TrueStrike mats also have a specially designed fully adjustable real teeing system. Perfect for practicing those long drives. This system means the TrueStrike tee will remain in the holder when struck with a club but can easily be removed by hand.

The TrueStrike golf mat has been taking the commercial golf industry by storm and has been installed in a number of ranges and courses throughout the UK and USA. And due to increasing demand from avid golfers the TrueStrike golf mat is now available for the home user. The London Golf Show was the first time this ultimate golf practice mat went on show specifically for the public.