World Long Driving record set using TrueStrike golf mats

The world long driving record set using TrueStrike golf mats, an old airfield provided a perfect venue for the London Golf Show and Long Drivers of Europe promotion which gathered eight of Europe’s biggest hitters together in an attempt to extend Slater’s existing 720-yard world long driving record.

And with the wind behind them, the crowd and gathered media were not to be disappointed. First, Londoner Adam Stacey grabbed a new world record when his fourth effort travelled a fantastic 744 yards.

But Slater, from Warrington, was not prepared to give up his record without a fight.

His first effort added three yards to his previous best, at 723 yards. But his third stunned the crowd by rolling on to a staggering 884 yards

“I wanted my record back,” said a delighted Slater, with a nod of modest acknowledgement to Stacey.

“You’ve got five of the biggest hitters in Europe here and two of the biggest in the world.

“But I wanted it. Nobody had cleared 700 yards before I did it last year; and nobody had beaten 800 yards until I did it.

“And I did it with a borrowed club,” he added with a huge grin, holding aloft the driver borrowed from, of all people, Adam Stacey.

His new record was achieved with a Cobra XX Speed, with a loft of just 4½º.

But Slater extended some sympathy to popular Welshman Chris Roberts, 20, who arrived on the tee after the world-record holder and fired the ball 735 and 760 yards.

Good enough for two world records on a previous day – but not today when the old record was beaten a staggering five times