Worlds fastest golfer hopes to smash record at London Golf Show

David “Ogie” Ogron is widely regarded as the worlds fastest golfer on the planet, able to hit a golf ball every 1.5 seconds. He is the only person in the world to hold all three golf world records for the most balls hat in 1 hour, 12 hours and 24 hours. He is like a human ball machine as he swings his club around and around like a windmill.

David has been invited over from the USA, to the London Golf Show, by TrueStrike Ltd the show’s official golf mat supplier to see if can set a new world record. TrueStrike golf mats were the obvious choice for the show because of their uniquely realistic playing surface and it’s specially designed tee holder and tee.

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At 11:00am Thursday 21st April Ogie will take up position at the centre of the 29 bay indoor driving range at London Golf Show and attempt to hit 1300 balls in just 30 minutes! His ball setter Scott “Speedy” McKinney will be on hand to set each ball on the mat ready for Oggie’s next shot.

Oggie does this all his record attempts for good causes and is raising money for various charities as part of his Miracle Golf Tour – Up until Ogie had to attempt his record breaking feats from ordinary artificial turf mats and was always at risk of injuring himself on the unrealistic surfaces.

However Oggie heard about the TrueStrike mat and decided to start using them as soon as he had tried one out. Ogie commented, “Until I started using the TrueStrike mat I went through hell when practicing and attempting the records and always ended up with injuries to my arms and shoulders because of the hard and unrealistic mats”. He went on to say “I now use the TrueStrike golf mat as it’s realistic playing surface is just like grass making it a much more forgiving surface to play off”.