Unrealistic Golf Practice

Traditional golf mats impact your customers games

Traditional golf mats playing surface certainly looks like grass but unfortunately it doesn’t play like grass.

This results in a number of swing problems and health issues when hitting from current artificial surfaces.

The golfer will tend to:

  • Thin or top the ball to avoid the shock and vibration associated with striking a golf mat.
  • Avoid commitment to the strike due to fear of injury, from hitting hard into a traditional golf mat.
  • Experience unrealistic and unrepresentative ball flight and trajectory.
Shot on Traditional golf mats
For example, a fat shot on a traditional mat will often have no affect on the outcome of the shot, as the club can bounce off the mat and into to the ball producing a seemingly satisfactory shot.

As the top surface of traditional golf mats does not behave like a fairway it is easy to learn bad habits on a golf mat. Not only does this affect your customer’s game but it makes them less willing to visit your range.