No Shock With TrueStrike

TrueStrike Reduces The Chance Of Injury

TrueStrike reduces the chance of injury due to its forgiving strike surface and divot simulating subsurface.

This means that the shock and vibration associated with hitting from traditional mats is substantially reduced.

Instead of the vibration caused at impact traveling up the club shaft and into the arm of the golfers, as is does on a traditional golf mat. The vibration is absorbed into the gel pad below the strike surface on the TrueStrike golf mat.

TrueStrike Reduces The Chance Of Injury - No Shock, No Pain, No Strain
This means golfers can play with confidence from a TrueStrike golf mats without having to worry about injuring themselves.

Ultimately golfers can use TrueStrike mats with the confidence of knowing they may be protecting themselves from future problems and avoiding the aggravation of existing injuries.

Having played golf for a number of years I have picked up my fair share of golf related injuries. These injuries got so severe that my physiotherapist told me that I had to stop using traditional mats otherwise I would eventually not be able to play golf at all. It speaks for itself that I’m willing to allow both my students and myself practice and train on TrueStrike golf mats.