TrueStrike Is The Solution:

Providing Golfers With Realistic Practice

TrueStrike has a unique “fairway forgiveness” effect means the golf mats, play, feel and react like a natural fairway.

For example, in the diagram on the right, the club goes into the TrueStrike top surface in front of the ball and produces a ripple effect in front of the club head. This affects the ball and slows the club head down as on a natural fairway. The result: a fat shot.

This means that your customers will be using a golf mat that accurately recreates the effects of play on a natural fairway. Gone are the days when your customers find they swing and hit perfectly from traditional golf mats only to find it all goes to pieces out on the golf course.

Teaching with TrueStrike

TrueStrike's Fairway Forgiveness

Hitting Off Grass

When using TrueStrike’s golf mat, for the first time golfers will produce shots that replicate those they produce on the fairway. Your customers will love the realism that “fairway forgiveness” effect produces. They will see real benefits previously unobtainable from range practice, and notice a significant improvement in their game. They will gain confidence and know that the shots practiced on the TrueStrike mat are a good and fair representation of shots played from the fairway.

The “fairway forgiveness” effect also means that you can use TrueStrike to teach on. In my thirty years as a golf professional I can honestly say this is the best alternative when grass is not available. I no longer need to worry that my students will learn how to play from a mat and build up confidence in their game, only to see it evaporate when they hit from a fairway.

In my personal opinion, the realistic way TrueStrike simulates playing from a fairway makes it the perfect practice, training and teaching aid.

I used to avoid teaching students on artificial mats at all costs. But since experiencing TrueStrike golf mat for myself I now gladly use it to teach from.

As a teaching professional I have been crying out for a realistic alternative to grass. Finally TrueStrike golf mats are able to offer this level of realism.