Why is TrueStrike mats so Revolutionary?

TrueStrike a breakthrough in golf mat development

It is not an exaggeration to describe TrueStrike golf mats as revolutionary.

Despite decades of golf mat development little has changed since the introduction of synthetic grass mats. Despite their efforts to persuade us otherwise the manufacturers of traditional golf mats have been offering largely the same product, i.e. a synthetic grass mat that looks like a fairway but plays like concrete. Not anymore!

TrueStrike Mats in cross section and show gel filled divot subsurface, which rucks when struck with a golf club

For the first time the TrueStrike golf mat provides a playing surface that plays, feels and reacts like a natural fairway.TrueStrike golf mats have a totally unique striking surface made from knitted polyester. This creates a 3D fabric, which sits the all important gel bladder. Combining these two elements replicates playing from a natural fairway.

This material is held in place by the strike surface frame. When struck with a club the combined effect of the two elements stretches, flexes and rucks up helping to recreate the effect of hitting off a natural fairway.

Underneath the top surface is an armored nylon polyurethane pillow containing a closed cell foam insert and the all-important silicone gel. Unlike the hard foam backing on traditional golf mats this pillow allows the club head to play through the playing surface as it would on the fairway.