Practice Net Setup

The TrueStrike hitting mat is perfect partner for any home practice net setup for the garage or even the garden. As an any golfer knows practice is king, but not everybody has time to go to the driving range and brush up on their ball striking skills on a regular basis.

With the advent of new golf practice technology such as TrueStrike, golfers can practice their game from the comfort of their own home using just a golf mat, golf clubs and a golf net.

TrueStrike & Golf Practice Net Solution
TrueStrike Golf Mat & Golf Practice Net Solution

Our example features a TrueStrike Single mat, but the Static or portable can be used also. A variety of practice nets can be used from the Huxley Rotanet to Callaway Net. You can create your own home package as TrueStrike golf practice mat can be used indoors/outdoors.