The perfect solution for launch monitor applications that require a center hitting position. Great for golf professionals, coaches and driving ranges that require an academy setup at their golf facility/home.

1 x Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
4 x Range Mat Section
2 x Edge Trim
25 x TrueTee Short
25 x TrueTee Long
1 x Tee Holder

Realistic Golf Mat Performance

The TrueStrike golf mat is designed to last and react like turf when hit, this allows golfers a realistic practice experience so can play like fairway pros out on the grass. TrueStrike's “ruckable” top surface and a gel-filled divot simulating subsurface, accurately recreates the effects of playing off a natural fairway by allowing the club head to play through the playing surface as it would on turf.

Natural Fairway

Ordinary Mat

Real Practice Means Real Results

No shock, no pain, no strain! TrueStrike golf mats offer the most realistic golf hitting experience you will ever find off the course. Improving golf practice in the commercial golf range and at home by realistically and accurately replicating shots from the fairway.

Fairway – Clean Shot

TrueStrike – Clean Shot

Fairway – Fat Shot

TrueStrike – Fat Shot

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Academy Mat

  • £738.00

  • Ex Tax: £615.00

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