TrueStrike Lie Board Installation Guide

TrueStrike Guide

How To Install The Strike Board Into Your TrueStrike Mat


Things you'll need1.Things you'll need

Ruler, Pen, Standing Knife, Range Mat Section & Strike Board

Range Mat and Range Mat Base2.Removing Range The Mat

To lift out range mat, pull up grass material and turn over, so the rubber surface is visible.

3.Left/Right Hand Golfer

Decide whether or not the strike board is to be fitted for the left handed or right handed golfer.

Please Note: Before you begin, please ensure you are measuring/cutting for the range mat overlap

Right Handed Strike BoardLeft Handed Strike board
If the strike board is to be fitted for the right hand golfer, the strike board will be position to the right hand side of the range mat. If it's for left handed golfers it will be positioned to the left.

Note: If fitting for the left-handed golfers measure 10.5cm inward form the left hand side.

10.5 cm inward marking with ruler and pen4. Measuring The Range Mat

If fitting for a right hand golfer, using the ruler and pen. Measure then mark 10.5 cm inward from the right hand side of the range mat.

Aligning the Strike Board5.Drawing The Outline

Place the strike board, with is top surface facing downward and the rubber surface visible, inline with the 10.5cm marking made previously.

Drawing the outlineDrawing the outline
Ensure that the strike board overlap and the range mat overlap are inline with each other.

Using the strike board as template draw around it as accurately as possible, without moving the strike board out of position.

Strike Board OutlineOnce finished remove the strike board to reveal the outline of the range mat you are about to cut out.

Cutting out the outline6. Cutting Out The Range Mat.

Ensure the ruler is firmly aligned with the outline. Then with the standing knife positioned on the inside edge of the ruler, score in a downward motion towards yourself. Continue this motion repeatedly to produce a straight cut. Repeat this procedure along each line of the rectangular shape you have marked out.

Removing cut out range mat7. Inserting The Strike Board

Once the range mat piece has been cut out, remove and discard

Insert Strike Board in its place; press down firmly on the strike board to produce a flush and clean finish.

Final Installation Of TrueStrike Lie Board

Now Your TrueStrike Is Ready For Custom Club Fitting & Testing!