Modular Design

Benefits – TrueStrike Design

The revolutionary TrueStrike design means elements can be changed as and when necessary.

Over 10 years design development


No need to replace the whole mat, just the part that needs replacing.
Golfers can build thier own TrueStrike based on their golf practice mat needs

TrueStrike design - different sections of truestrike

Gel Section

Benefits – Realistic Golf Practice

Plays and reacts like a natural fairway


The overall practice experience is far more realistic enabling the golfer to see a true representation of the shot played.

Encouraging the player who has given up practicing on anything but the best turf on dry days, to come back to your facility as the practice is now far more realistic without the pain, thus basically increasing your footfall and subsequent revenue.

Natural Fairway

Ordinary Mat

TrueStrike Gel Section


TrueStrike Range Mat Section

TrueStrike Tees

Range Mat Section

Benefits – Practice Iron Shots

The utilization of a regular tee  in the truestrike design allows the golfer to set their own tee height to practice iron shots

The tee unit collapses forward when the shot is played

Bauble in place of the point on a tee


The golfer can set the ball as they would during normal play thus gaining more realistic practice

This minimizes the drag caused by normal rubber tees during the stroke thus feels like playing off of a wooden tee

Stops the tee coming out of the tee receiver so it stays in place for the next shot.


Strike Surface

Benefits – Easily Replaceable

The strike surface being replaceable at a minimal cost when worn, a core part of the TrueStrike design.


The product will not deteriorate in performance throughout its life and as long as the strike surfaces are kept in good order the product will always perform at 100% unlike traditional mats that begin to deteriorate slowly the moment they are put on the ground

Strike Surface


Strike Surface

Gel Bag

TrueStrike Gel Bag Foam Surround

Gel Sub Base

Benefits – Reacts Just Like Turf

The gel bag under TrueStrike strike surface, allows the gel section to performs in the same fashion as natural turf absorbing and dispersing shock and vibration


No shock or vibration being retransmitted back up the shaft of the club.

Minimizing injuries caused to tendons and joints in the wrist, hands and arms due to continued practice

Golfers can practice for longer with less fatigue thus hit more balls improving your game

Giving peace of mind to parents who’s children hit lots and lots of balls that their children are not going to have issues later in life due to practicing of hard synthetic mats. A good marketing angle for the range.