Industry Feedback – Who Uses TrueStrike

This section highlights industry feedback from users that utilise TrueStrike golf mat products and services for the enhancement of golf practice in the home or golf facility. Who uses TrueStrike is important to us, as we are committed to the provision of high-quality products and services.  The feedback gained from customers is not only essential to our continuous improvement, but also helps to inform prospective customers.  So if your a facility of golfer that has used or tried TrueStrike, why not visit our contact us section to submit your comments?

Who Uses TrueStrike - What Golfers Say

Golfers Have Their Say

Great feedback from golfers on how TrueStrike has helped improve their game and can also help you to decide on the right mat for your home golf practice. What Golfers Say About TrueStrike >>


Who Uses TrueStrike - Facility/PGA Pro Testimonials

Facility/PGA Testimonials

TrueStrike’s revolutionary “fairway forgiveness” effect is what quickly drew the attention among the golf facilities and PGA’s, are what helped cement its reputation as ‘The Best Most Realistic Performing Golf Mat’.  What The Industry Says About TrueStrike >>